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Tom Welling’s Workout

 Tom Welling’s workout must be a true Hollywood workout to act Superman. I think it was back in 2001 when Tom Welling was just starting out, back then he was not that gym fit. However by the final season he has attained a real hollywood body credit worthy of Superman. Tom Welling has the best type of body, enough muscle but is still lean which is what 90% of guys are after! Read on to find out what I discovered from my research!

Tom Welling’s workout must be effective all year around. It must also be a realistic workout for someone to sustain for a whole year…

Tom Welling’s Diet Routine

Eating the right food to get that lean look like Tom is simple, once you know how!

As a general rule, do not eat it if you could not pick it, fish it or kill it.

Do not eat processed foodfs.

What should I eat?

One sweet potatoe, lean chicken breast and salad with extra virgin olive oil.

This meal gives your complex carbohydrates, a good serving of lean protein and salad with essential fats. Three to four meals like this a day is a good start, just remember to have balanced meals which contain good carbs (sweet potatoes, white potatoes and whole grain bread) a lean serving of protein and some form of fruit or salad.

Tom Welling’s Weights

. I imagine Tom’s workout will be very similiar to this.

The best way to get a body like Tom’s is to mix weight lifting with High Intensity Interval Training.

Lifting those weights!

The best way is to rip seperate body parts on different days of the week. For example a week of weight lifting may look like this :

Monday: Chest, Back and Shoulders

Tuesday: Biceps, Triceps and Abs

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Chest, Back and Shoulders

Friday: Biceps, Triceps and Abs

Weekend: Rest

An Great MethodTo Burn Fat

Tom Welling has abs, correct? The best way to get abs is to burn fat.

Here is a High Intensity Interval Training workout which will do just that:

1. On a treadmill or on a field, jog for five minutes for a warm up.

2. Sprint for the length of the field or 25 seconds then either rest or jog slowly. Repeat this for 15 minutes. This releases free fatty acids (which cover your abs)

3. Jog for 15 minutes use up those free fatty acids you have just released.

Put this in after each weight lifting session.


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